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August- Update Preview!

Many endings for a new beginning..

It's funny how we never really let ourselves realise how close we are to an ending until its right in front of us. It felt bitter sweet opening the last glaze firing under the willow - where my pottery journey began. But; as this chapter of life comes to a close, another opens up with so many beginnings and possibilities. I cannot WAIT to see where things lead! (plus.. I have my baby willow trees grown from cuttings that are thriving, so there will always be a little willow to carry on the legacy!)

This update consists mainly of mugs, a few little mushroom cottages, and some mushy wall hangings! I'm so excited to share this batch with you. Although it is on the smaller side, there are some real gems! I have also restocked some stitch markers, so don't worry if you missed a chicken last time.. there's plenty!

These sculptural mushroom wall hangings are more like a piece of art, methodically created in a similar way to how I paint. First, a rough clay 'sketch' to lay out how I wanted everything to be placed; then attaching, smoothing and detailing. I can't wait to see these hung on the wall adding that little bit of whimsy to your home.

I have a few windchime and jewellery pieces that I will be putting together in the interim while im getting my little pottery set up again, as well as a few giveaways planned for instagram, so make sure you keep an eye out over there!

I look forward to sharing this new journey with you all, exciting times are ahead!

As always, thank you for your ongoing and continued support,

Sophie xx

Shop update info:

Sunday 6th August, 7pm UK time.

*PLEASE NOTE* This update will be UK only. With the house move imminent; and missed delivery/returned international packages taking months to make it back to me, i'd hate for any parcels to go missing. I hope you can understand and keep an eye out for future updates!

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