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Christmas Shop Update Preview!

Wow, where on earth has this year gone?? Its almost the 1 year anniversary of when I got my wheel.. that seems crazy!

These last couple of months I have been a very busy bee! I was thinking and making for Christmas in October... although, i'm not sure I can put that down to me being organised, I think its more because I love Christmas so much (yep... i'm one of THOSE people!). While i've been making all of the things i wanted for the christmas shop update, ive also been working on a special project- Myah the Bear! These cuties take a long time to make and a lot of love goes into them, particularly Myah. She's so cute I almost don't want to part with her! I filmed the entire making process which i'm currently editing together, so keep your eyes peeled, that should be up in the veryyyyy near future!

I made Myah the Bear specifically to raffle to raise funds for Myaware, the myasthenia charity that the fundraiser Snowflakes are also for- they're still available in my shop, and would make the perfect stocking fillers or small gifts for teachers or friends etc...just saying ;-)

Raffle tickets for the chance of winning Myah are just £2 here's the link to the Just Giving page if you'd like to enter, its for a great cause and you'll be in with a chance of winning this utter cutie! All the info on how to enter and the important stuff is on how to enter on there too!


26th November Shop Update Preview!

Since I have made so many different and also new things for the shop update, I thought it would be best to show you all a preview before hand so you know what you're aiming for when the update goes live. I will also be filming a video for IGTV for a closer look too. I know things can get a little hectic the first hour or so when the shop goes live, so hopefully this way you can be more prepared.

There are plenty of mugs, spoon rests, artists supplies and candle luminaries/ oil burners. I've also made plenty of Higgeldy Piggeldy Cottages (about 30!! and they'd make great stocking stuffers!); and lots of Christmas bits, bells and ornaments too! Chubby Critters and christmas mugs seem to be very popular from the response to what ive posted, so if you have your eye on those I wouldn't hesitate! I will also be listing the drippy eyed gingerbread men as seconds as although a wee bit creepy, they seemed to have plenty of potential adopters :D I tried to make multiples of most things including the luminaries, jugs and oil burners, palettes etc, and pairs of mugs, so for most there are 2 or more of each, but obviously I can't control how the glaze reacts, they're not twins!

The Shop update will be live at 6pm on the 26th of November, so make sure you're ready! Ill set a reminder on my instagram stories too as requested, just in case. Anywayyyyy, the following gallery is everything going in the update (unless ive missed something..), I will be working out prices this coming week. Feel free to comment if you have any questions and i'll do my best to answer! Dont forget to enter the raffle to help support an incredible charity too!

Love always,

Sophie <3

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