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February 2022 - Shop Update Preview

I know i say it almost every update, but im so excited about this one! Now we're in February and heading into spring, i've been really taken by the forager/woodland sort of vibe; so along with some regular favourites, i have made some new chubby mugs with little cuties tucked in them!

The Informative Part... When? Shipping?

When: Friday 25th February, 7pm GMT Shipping: I hope to offer international shipping again soon! The only available option will be tracked- Although it is a little more expensive, it means that we know where your package is and we are both covered if anything were to go missing or get damaged :) i Will keep you all updated regarding international shipping!

Whats going to be in the update?

All the Regular favourites and newbies! I've made mushy mugs (single and double), along with breathe, cottage and pine forest mugs. Theres chubby cups with hand painted spring designs and marbled drippy ones; artist cups, Higgeldy Piggeldy cottages, gold woodland animals and jewellery! have a look below to see a preview of everything! Love you all and see you friday!!

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