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Hello again.. long time, no blog post!

Hello you lovely lot, its been a while.. (see, I told you I would never spam you with emails!).

I hope you're all well and enjoying the hints that spring is on its way!

I think this may well be the longest time between shop updates, I started making this batch in November! After a fair few mug losses throughout the making process, this has become a more modest update than hoped, but it includes some of my favourite makes so far.

This update includes a range of mugs, tiny animal vases, some ring/jewellery dishes (perfect 'little somethings' for mothers day gifts, may I add!) along with a few other bits and bobs. There is just one painted amanita mug, with a sculpted fern leaf handle. Definitely one of my favourites that i've made so far!

I've also created a mini collection of one of a kind mugs inspired by The Witcher series! Ive been listening to the audiobooks as I go about my day and i'm completely lost in the magic of it all. Quite different from my usual mugs, but I think they're equally

as beautiful in their own right! I patiently carved swirls, facets and dragon scales to create this magical collection. Although not a single one turned out how I expected, i'm blown away by them all!

After a rather soul-destroying mug test, I lost a fair few to thermal shock, but for a bitter-sweet reason. As my throwing skills have improved, I am able to throw thinner, finer pots. This is brilliant! However... I failed to pre-empt that the expansion of the pot with boiling water would occur at different rates around the thinner areas of unglazed bare clay. This Results in cracks... Lesson well and truly learned!

I just didn't have the heart to see months of hard work go to waste, so I've patched them up with epoxy resin, and decorated them with gold, making them 'beautifully scarred'.

Although they're no longer suitable as drinking vessels, they make such lovely planters, pen pots, or as suggested by a fellow knitter, yarn 'bowls'. I really hope they find good homes with those who see beauty in the healing of scars.

Enjoy having a nose through the preview below, please note, this shop update will unfortunately be UK only. Due to the suspension of Royal Mail accepting international parcels earlier in the year, there are still delays and missing parcels despite services being up and running again. I have had issues with packages sent in January going missing, so id like to let the backlog clear fully before sending anymore internationally, just to be sure! Although disappointing, I hope you can understand. Rest assured, the next update will include international shipping.


Date: Friday 24th February

Time: 6pm (UK time)

UK Shipping Only

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