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HOBBIT SEASON HAS ARRIVED! September shop update preview!

WHEN: Friday 30th September, 6pm (UK time) Its finallllyyy my favourite time of the year... Crunchy-spicy-leafy-hobbit season! I love this time of the year. The crisp, sunny mornings, bundling up in comfy clothing with hot water bottles in the evening, handmade knitwear (if you follow me over on instagram, you'll know i'm always knitting socks or mittens!). To top it all off there's nothing better than the feeling of wrapping chilly hands around a cozy cup of something warm.

This update has a little bit of everything- ornaments, plates, bowls, cups annnnddddd PAINTED MUGS! I spent so long adding all the different layers and details to just 5 painted mugs. Some have mushrooms, others have moths, but what they all have is mystical woodland feeling lovingly painted and crafted into them. I really hope whoever bags these mugs loves and appreciate the time and patience that went into them, because frankly, im finding it very hard to let them go! A couple of these mugs have already been claimed by friends and family so if you can't find something you've seen on my social media, thats why. But dont worry, ill be making more of the painted mugs in the future!

Speaking of mystical woodlands... there will also be little mushroom fairy house luminaries! They make me feel like I have stepped right into a storybook. I will include a little string of led lights with these so you won't have to worry about finding something suitable. I've also made the first batch of Magic Gourds! These will of course be in time for halloween, but perfect decor for any house throughout autumn and winter.

I have also made more of the regulars- bare bottom bowls, mushroom crystal necklaces, and speckled chubby cups, with the addition of some new bits like yarn bowls! You'll find photos of everything going into the update below. I know its not a very big update in terms of mugs, and is mainly little things, I've had to take things a lot slower recently and be kind to my body. If there is anything you miss out on, just do a 'back in stock request' that way I can tell what you all like most and want more of. I'll be making the sculpted cottage and mushroom mugs, more fairy house luminaries, tiny animal vases and higgledy piggledy cottages for the next batch. Anyyywayyyyyy.. Thank you as always for your support, have a nose below and i'll see you tomorrow!

Love and light <3

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