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Its that time again... July shop update and Preview!

Update info: Friday 29th July 2022, 7pm BST (UK TIME)

Phew.. I wasn't sure I was going to get everything photographed and uploaded in time, but here we are! This update focuses around a beautiful speckled clay.

There is also a giveaway running on my instagram until Sunday 31st July for this one of a kind, hand painted, Fly agaric mug to celebrate 10k followers! It blows my mind to think that there are so many of you following along and supporting my pottery journey, words can't express how grateful I am, but maybe a mug can help towards it! Make sure you enter if you haven't already <3

I will be doing another update soon with plates and bowls, along with a few hand painted mugs so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for those!

There are of course some old favourites like the staple 'breathe' mug and painterly chubby cup, too. You all seemed to love the 'Spring lilacs' glaze last time, so ive made sure to have a few of those in this update too.

You might notice that the listings look a little different. This batch of mushroom mugs all turned out very unique, so i've decided to list each one individually rather than in batches (although the cups and breathe mugs are still in the same listings with drop down colour options!).

There are also lots of little bits and bobs like matching speckled spoons, tiny animal vases and some pearlescent/gold lustre necklaces. Ive really been trying to focus on grounding myself and staying present recently as life has got a little hectic (isn't it always?? haha).

So i've added Lava stone and Rose quartz beads to the necklaces to add an extra touch of magik.

Lava stone is known for grounding and connecting us to Mother Earth. It promotes strength and courage in dificult times, and encourages calm stability. It will absorb essential oils or fragrance of your choice, so can double up as an aromatherapy necklace!

Rose Quartz is known to purify and open up the heart to promote Love, self love, friendship, deep inner healing and brings peace. The calming and reasuring properties make it the perfect gemstone in times of worry or grief. If you believe in the beneficial energies of crystals, fab! If not, they still look pretty! <3

If this is your first shop update, make sure to be ready at 7pm (BST), the last few shop updates have been pretty manic, and mugs seem to sell out in the first 5 minutes. Have a look at the FAQ page, there's lots of useful info on there too!

Please try not to be too disheartened if you don't grab the item you were aiming for, there will always be more. As always, I advise checking out one item at a time if you wanted more than one item. Adding something to your basket does not reserve it, so someone else may check out before you while you're looking for something else. I always combine orders to the same address (if placed the same evening of the update) and refund any extra postage when i've packed the order and bought the shipping label as the cost is based on package size and weight.

Below is a gallery of everything going into this shop update for you to have a nose, im super proud of this bunch, so I hope you like them too!

Love as always, Sophie <3

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