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May Shop Update Preview!

Shop Update Details: Friday 27th May, 7pm GMT

MAY???? We're nearly at the longest day of the year, thats crazy! Its been a while since the last update, but I think this one is definitely worth the wait! I have noticed that I am slower than I used to be at making as I need to give my body more frequent breaks, however I won't be stopping pottery any time soon!

Theres lots of mugs, cups, bowls and cottages along with the most adorable Woodland Animal bud vases!

I've also made a lot of new jewellery, some using vintage glass kindly gifted to me by Alex and Gail, The Northern Mudlarks <3

And for my Higgledy Piggeldy Cottage Collectors .. there's a new batch of cuties including new colours! Some deep purples and teals with a pearlescent finish that I won't be able to recreate.. they accidentally over fired so are one off colours!

There has been a fair few new folks joining the little community over on instagram, (hey! ) and I know that lots of you are worried that you may not be able to grab the item you have your eye on. I always suggest ordering and paying for one item at a time as it is NOT reserved when you add it to your basket. This means if someone else checks out before you, it will be 'out of stock' when you try.

I always combine shipping when multiple orders are placed within the same few hours, so dont worry about that. you'll receive a refund when I buy the shipping label :-)

If you miss the item you wanted, click for a back in stock request so I know what I need to make more of next time! Please don't feel too disheartened, I will always make more. I'm already cracking on with the next shop update, so hopefully it won't be such a wait!

Everything going into the shop update is shown in the gallery below, so have a snoop so you know what your going for at the time of the update! They always get pretty manic and mugs seem to sell out in the first few minutes, so make sure you set a timer or reminder! Please do have a read of my FAQ page before the update, and keep in mind if you're ordering from outside the uk, dispatch may take a little longer, and I am not responsible for any customs fees or costs that your package may incur on its travel to you, so make sure you look these up before ordering.

I hope you're all as well as possible, and remembering to be kind to yourself.

Love and light,

Sophie <3

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