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New Beginnings <3

Updated: Aug 1, 2021


I'm Sophie, the maker behind the pots and ceramics here. Its been a long time coming, but the website is finally finished! Although I'm really proud of this website, I can definitely say that I am looking forward to getting back behind my pottery wheel and creating!

I will use this blog area to post behind the scenes, shop update information and what I get up to each month with ceramics and just in my daily life. I might even show some process pictures and throwing videos! I'm launching this website with a fresh batch of pottery including mugs, bowls, plates and much more; so make sure to check the shop to see what's available.

A little about me..

Im 25 and a complete lover of any form of creativity and art. My background is in painting; I adore watercolours. I struggle a little holding a brush now, but that's ok because I've found a new love in pottery! I also love to knit and crochet, particularly socks!

I love the blooming flowers and bright colours of summer, but I'm definitely not one for the heat! My favourite time of year is the very start of spring when the weather is crisp and bright, the sun is shining. Nothing feels better than bundling up in cosy jumpers and going for a morning walk!

The majority of my pottery is inspired by the nature and colours in my surroundings. I just love the muted, soft colours and range of textures of different plants and leaves. Pottery is a form of therapy for me, so I like to combine what i see with what I make.

Im also a maaasive animal lover. Below is a photo of me and my Chinese Crested, Dora on one of our strolls.This was shortly before she was terrified by the swans and her shadow thereafter... she's a complete Nervous Nelly!

Moving Forward...

I never know which direction my health will go, and whether it'll be a clay day, or a forcing myself to rest in bed day (because my body needs it, even if my brain doesn't think so!). Regardless, I’ll keep you all updated with my process along the way!

Sophie <3

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