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Shop Update part 2.. December 7th, 6pm

Hello folks, me again! I'm back with part 2 of the update for the bits that didn't make it into the November one.


Please keep in mind before purchasing that Royal Mail have severe delays due to the strikes (more of which are coming) and subsequent backlog. Any orders placed are not guaranteed to arrive before Christmas! Even tracked 24hr postage seems to be taking 2 weeks, but this is your best hope of getting your package asap. I will be updating my shipping to include tracked 24hr and 48hr, which may cost a little more, but it gives us both the ability to know where your parcel is and it is fully insured. If you do not chose this option, I cannot track your parcel. I highly recommend this option as Royal Mail have stated they will prioritise 24hr Tracked. It is VERY unlikely that your parcel will go missing, however they are taking a lot longer to arrive, so please, if you are going to order, be prepared to have patience!

Ok, now the boring bit is out the way, lets get onto the fun stuff! This is a little update, however it does include 2 mugs.. one willow and one speckled mushroom. Theres also lots of little chubby critters, speckled chubby cups (can be hot and cold use), cottages and lots of stitch markers, jewellery, and mushroom bells. There will be plenty more mugs in the new year, a full speckled batch, so dont worry if you dont nab the one in this update <3

There are also two highly discounted chubby cups that sadly got chipped on the base while grinding drips. Make sure you read the descriptions! Flaws are completely out of sight when the pot is standing so they're perfect as little planters, so waste not want not, grab a bargain!

oh.. I almost forgot.. MUSHROOM COTTAGE LUMINARIES! They're so sweet, and I had so much fun making them <3

As usual, you can have a nose below at the preview, you'll find everything that will be included in the update.There are multiple of stitch marker sets and individuals.

Everything will be going on my website Wednesday 7th December, 6pm (sorry for the short notice!)

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