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Hi! Im Sophie, an Essex based, small batch, hobby potter.

Before becoming unwell with my fair share of health issues due to chronic Illness, I had never touched clay before as an adult. I was recovering and regaining strength after being on a ventilator with respiratory failure, when I first found pottery. After stumbling across a local potter on social media advertising kiln firing services, I bought a bag of clay and never looked back. I am completely self taught and look at every moment with clay as a lesson. The slow process allows my body to rest when it needs, so its the perfect hobby for me.

All of my work is inspired by the nature in my surroundings. I love the homely, rustic look of bare clay, so I often incorporate unglazed clay into my pieces.

I very rarely create the same thing more than once. I find so much joy in experimenting and trying new techniques. There really is no end to the possibilities.

I love making mugs, bowls, jewellery, seasonal ornaments and more! I love creating, but there's only so many mugs one girl needs, so I usually have a shop update once a month.

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